Black Box Episode 109 Scene 1 Storyboard

Black Box is a drama about a clinic headed by a maverick doctor who solves neurological mysteries.

  • For Black Box series on ABC premiers April 2014
  • Type Storyboards

In the pouring rain, a couple drive along arguing over which radio station to listen to.

Mark & Peggy argue over what to listen to on the radio.

Peggy & Mark argue and it gets heated.

They fight over the radio when out of nowhere a car swerves to avoid crashing.

They catch their breath, pulled over to the curb. Mark leaves the car in a huff.

Mark stubbornly piles out of the car and reaches up to hail a cab.

Mark's finger is struck by a blazing flash of lighting. His body jerks and glows.

The frame goes black for a beat, Peggy has run out towards Mark on the ground.

Tchaikovsky plays on the radio. We view Mark from above and move in.

We come closer over peggy's shoulder and stop as Mark's eyes open.