Storyboard Artist Luis Cubillos

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Blue Bloods: gang member raid storyboard

Eye Productions/CBS

HTC Uh-oh Protection

Lockhard & Wechsler/Time Line Video

Kindle Fire Storyboard Animatic

Siemens – Stand Up To Cancer Storyboard

Toxic Greetings

Storyboard Sampler

Carl's Junior

Panasonic ToughBook Promo

JMills Entertainment/Panasonic

Mob hit: Brooklyn State of Mind storyboard excerpt

Norstar Entertainment

Coneheads Storyboard & Video

Sketch nights at ASIFA & Society of Illustrators

Conceptual Illustration

Hold My Light UK Stop Smoking PSA

UK Anti-Smoking PSA

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Law & Order stakeout storyboard

Matthew Penn/Dick Wolf Productions

Custom Storybook Illustration

#DragForAllFlavors: Bubly Holiday Campaign

Black Box Episode 109 Scene 1 Storyboard

Black Box series on ABC premiers April 2014

Topps Juicy Drop Taffy – Master :15 Storyboard

UpRoar Creative

Rescue Me On-Air Promo Storyboard

FX Network

Custom Illustrations

Commissioned Illustrations: Special Occasions/Commemorative

No Healthy Person Should Touch This

Black Box TV series – ABC

next UK department Store Women's Collection shooting board :60

Damages Teaser Storyboard

FX Network

Blackstone Group - storyboard

Blackstone Group

Holiday Greetings From Lou