Topps Juicy Drop Taffy – Master :15 Storyboard

Close up on pack of juicy Drop candy

master & student in a dojo

Master holds a Juicy Drop Taffy Drop Taffy and the applicator

He applies drops of liquid onto the taffy

We crash zoom into the student's face.

...eyeing what her master is doing...

master holds out his hands

Master has made a delicate pattern with his applicator.

In a flash the student has snatched the master's JDT from his hands...

...and replaced it with a piece of taffy with a portrait of master

master is surprised and intrigued

Girl holds up more taffy with the applicator

crash zoom into her eyes

Close up of girl getting creative by dropping juice inside folded taffy

...finishing her Juicy Drop taco, she pops it in her mouth..

She squints from the sourness and flashes a smile.

Like throwing stars, she throws Juicy taffy packs toward camera.

Cut to girl's shadow seen through soji screen.

Product shot

Zoom into the master's face.

The master regards the pupil, bemused.